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What is this?

This is a utility to properly convert optimized exports made from 3MLE to ArcheRage MML. It essentially fixes 3MLE’s exported MML code so that it plays as expected in ArcheRage (or ArcheAge).

Who is this for?

This is for anyone with a desire to fit as many notes as possible into the music paper of their choice; thus, ultimately resulting in squeezing more music into a sheet of music paper.

Why use this?

If you’ve been in the Artistry scene on ArcheRage Private Server (or even ArcheAge Live Server), you know that creating music to be performed in the game comes with some challenges. One of the top challenges is to fit as many musical notes into a sheet of music paper as one possibly can. If not properly optimized, one can be left with MML code that takes up more characters than the music paper can support. In the old days, Bards struggled to perform complete songs because it was tough to fit all of the notes into one sheet of music even when using the highest-tiered music paper–this is due to the MML code not being properly optimized.

Where is the problem?

After writing your music using a MIDI sequencing program like Reaper (https://reaper.fm) and exporting it to a .mid file, you would typically import it into 3MLE (http://3ml.jp/download.html) in order to convert your MIDI notes into MML. In the process of converting your MIDI notes to MML when you get to the part where you want to export the MML, you will be asked whether you’d like to “optimize” the exported MML.

Notice that the Optimize MML box is checked.

If you choose not to optimize, then your MML code will oftentimes take up more characters than is necessary. This would be fine if your music doesn’t take up more characters than your music paper can handle. The problem presents itself when a piece of music contains notes that equate to using more characters than even your highest-tiered music paper can handle. Typically, when you check the “Optimize MML” box, it will lessen the number of characters required to play the same music; however, the optimized 3MLE code doesn’t play well in ArcheRage (or ArcheAge). This is when this utility proves handy.

When should it be used?

Once you’ve exported your “Optimized MML” from 3MLE, paste all of the tracks that are a part of your music into a notepad app. Remember that in 3MLE, you can only copy 3 tracks at a time–so if your music has 10 tracks (which is the max per music sheet), then that means you’ll need to copy the MML four separate times to cover all of the tracks–just make sure you check only the tracks you intend to copy as the check marks wrap back around to the top tracks.

Once you have all of your tracks copied, simply select everything that was copied to your notepad app and paste it into the textarea in the form on this web page and click on the “Fix” button. Instantly, you will see the MML code generated in the designated textarea. Just copy and paste that code into your music paper in the game and test it out. If it sounds the way you intended it to sound, then save the music after you’ve given it a title.

ArcheRage offers Eternal Music Paper that can hold 8000 characters!

How does it work?

This program does several things (so that you don’t have to):

Wisdom regarding MML optimization

You can further optimize your music by getting rid of unnecessary rests. Unless your music is very deliberate in the way it is supposed to sound by utilizing rests, you probably don’t need them. In MML, c16r16d16r16e16r16f16r16 sounds pretty much like c8d8e8f8. As you can see, the latter takes much less characters. When writing drum tracks, getting rid of rests completely will always yield the best result in decreasing the number of necessary characters.

Special thanks

We would like to give credit to Torvin for writing the original Python code that made all of this possible as well as XayberOptix for providing it as the PHP version offered on this page. Please check out Torvin’s GitHub at: https://github.com/kernighan/archeage-3mle